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Welcome to the Free On-Line Bible Page!

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Welcome to the Free On-Line Bible Page. On this page you will find three online Bibles that you may use for your research, or general reading, of God's Holy Word, along with a page of reviews on the major free electronic computer Bibles available for download.

World English Bible (WEB): is an entire revision of The American Standard Version brought up to today's English usage and language as compared with the original texts and is an on-going work by Rainbow Missions, Inc. The aim of this Public Domain Bible is to get the Word of God into the largest number of hands possible and is therefore completely free to be quoted in its entirity, or in part, on websites or in printed format, but may not be changed, or revised in any textual/translation content. I believe that you will find this Bible to be one of the clearest and easy to understand translations available today and I often use it for all my quotes and research.

Christian Scriptures 2001® (CS2001): is an ongoing work of The Friends of The Nazarene. While only the New Testament is offered here, it is a work in progress and the Old Testament will be made available as soon as possible. This is not exactly a "translation" per se, but is a comparison of multiple English translations along with the original Koiné Greek texts. Some books are given a quite literal reading while others are currently paraphrases until a literal rendering can be made available. Originally intended to be used with its accompanying copious footnotes this online version is text-only. The complete version may be downloaded from their website. The footnotes are also available from their website in the OnLine Bible format.

The New English Translation (NET): This is a relatively new-comer to the Bible translation field. A completely fresh new translation from the Hebrew and Greek texts, this Bible in many ways reads comparable to the New International Version (NIV). It is also a work always in progress. One outstanding feature to this net Bible are the copious translator and textual footnotes accessed in a bottom viewing pane. The link provided here will open the version in a new browser window and take you directly to their website where you may also download an HTML-formatted version for your computer.

Please see information below for downloading the The New English Translation to your computer for easy access.

Bible Review Page: On this page you can read reviews (plus screenshots) that I give on several of the free electronic Bible programmes available for download on the net, along with links to other pages with reviews and/or free Bibles.

Download The New English Translation:

The New English Translation is likewise available in an HTML-format for your computer. You may obtain your copy here. Save the nbhtm_setup.exe to your hard drive. Remember where you placed it. Find and click twice and the Bible will install. This is a 9meg download which should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Once installed you'll also want the set of Hebrew/Greek fonts to properly view the translator's notes at the bottom of the page. These may be obtained here. Save the bssw95.exe to your hard drive. Find and click twice and they will install on your computer.


"So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

Romans 10:17 World English Bible


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